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About Me

There is a shroud of secrecy that surrounds many counsellors isn’t there?! There needs to be boundaries of course, but first and foremost I am a human being! I have lived on the planet for 50 years and I have experienced many of the feelings, tribulations and problems that my clients have. These include divorce, single parenting, financial loss, bereavement, overcoming bad habits, career changes, family issues, domestic violence, “mid-life crisis,” relationship break ups, step parenting etc etc…

I was a Partner in a financial services firm for 18 years and felt a strong desire to help others in different ways. Initially I started this shift by helping others lose weight and become healthier, but it was easy to see that the weight and poor health was just a symptom of deeper problems, ultimately coming from disempowering thought patterns.
I was called to counselling and coaching and have been shown solutions and ways to help others through their journeys.

These solutions have been presented to me through formal education (I have a Masters Degree in Relationship and Family therapy and other formal validations) and the most important thing is through personal development, wider reading and learning outside the box!

I am trained and qualified at Master Practitioner level in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming.) This is very useful in conjunction with counselling and coaching in order to associate in our physiology any changes we wish to make on an intellectual level! In other words it’s all very well to TALK about the changes but what are we actually going to do and how will it show up in our lives?

I trained as a Life Coach and Strategic Interventionist with Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes and Mark Peysha which is really useful in bringing tools and strategies to situations. It takes a more creative and active approach than just counselling which is a talking therapy.

More recently I have noticed that there is a global shift happening and there is more and more confusion. For hundreds of thousands of years, many great teachers have written about inner wisdom and “collective consciousness” and to us in the secularised West this sounds a bit “out there!” What I have come to understand is that it’s not OUT there at all – its inside. When we shut off the noise and stop listening to everyone else’s stories about us – who we are supposed to be, how we are supposed to look, feel and act, we actually begin to answer our own questions from the inside out.

Mindfulness has become the new “buzzword.” For centuries the great Masters have meditated. They knew that the secret to happiness and fulfilment is connection to ourselves, not the pursuit of materialism. Steve Jobs, the founder and creator of Apple meditated, Einstein also and so many other extraordinary people meditated. These are people who saw humanity as being connected – we don’t need to compete, we need to shift our perspective in order to change our lives.

I also teach meditation and am an Anusha and Reiki Practitioner, which help to rebalance emotions, heal physical pain and help with other physical ailments.

I feel my academic credentials are less important than actually knowing how to share and use these skills, knowledge and experience in order to help you create the change you want in your life. For some clients counselling and talking is enough, for others, it may be useful to bring in these other resources too.

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